Faceplated t56

Faceplated T My friend Steve has a faceplated tko that Bob did for him and he put about street miles on it and passes. You will love how fast it shifts on upshifts, however, they grind a little on down shifts so be ready to rev crap out of it on downshifts, especially if you have a light flywheel. Just got back the Faceplated libertygears for the T56 Magnum for t he Cobra. Liberty Tko Faceplated Transmission. Sorry for adding yet another thread on the Tremec shifitng but I think you guys will find the response the Tremec technician posted in response to the numerous Tremec problems with Challengers, Mustangs, Camaros interesting.

Multiple times? I had SNL send off my trans to be rebuilt and faceplated and its due back soon. Oct 19, The GRF is a faceplated T56 Magnum featuring faceplated gears oncustom billet shift forks, cryogenic treatment of the gearset, and rem polishing of the gearset.

Tick Performance Level 1 Standard T56 Rebuild (450RWTQ) for 93-02 Camaro & Firebird

I got a liberty faceplated tko surface enhanced, cryo treated, screw in main bearings and the case epoxied to keep it from deflecting so much. When I slowed down and tried to shift gears the car would no longer. After some practice I was able to shift without it making any noise.

WOT shifting is also effortless and lightning fast. The t56 looks to be a bit further back even in the forward position. My one Trans is a faceplated t56 with custom gears!! May 1st,PM dave I m installing the new LSA engine into my 68 Camaro. Picked up this mile 2. Every part in these gearboxes is designed to handle high torque loads up to Nm. Expensive but totally worth it.

Hoping to break into the 11's so I changed several things while she was up on blocks. Comes with shifter. Justin Jordan 6. This stuff really works!. Macs4kids on Followers 0.

faceplated t56

This will fit any sbc or lt1 with a t flywheel. I tried send him a PM but he has not replied. What, exactly, is faceplating a transmission? What is involved with doing it and what does it do?With the ability to make over hp on the street today, transmissions are pushed harder and harder and G-Force understands. With that in mind G-force manufactures a 6-Speed upgrade kit available for any T variation.

Whether you have a power adder or just big cubic inches, we know this is what you have been waiting for. We have TRUE bolt-in kits to fit Viper, Corvette, Camaro, and Cobra applications along with custom installation kits that allow for an even wider range of installations.

Our kit combines the strength of a full-out race transmission with the factory look, drivability, and fit of an OEM installation.

Option Guide for T56/TR-6060 Transmission Rebuilds

The G-Force Street 6-Speed conversion requires no external case, tailhousing, or shifter modifications to your existing T This means that your stock mounting hardware and dimensions will be utilized. This is not a one-size-fits-all kit. We have kits specifically designed for each application including special inputs for each vehicle.

In order to achieve the exceptional horsepower and torque handling abilities this kit has to offer, G-Force has again gone back to its racing heritage. While totally reengineering the gear design and tooth profile, we also added gear width wherever possible and have gone with our vast experience in terms of material selection.

We use a proven alloy material for the gears and this means exceptional gear strength. These kits can utilize the factory overdrive gears or they can be upgraded with G-Force Overdrives as well. These G-Force Street 6-Speed kits feature helical gearing to maintain a comfortable noise level while still maintaining exceptional strength.

GF Street 6 — T56 views. T56 Dog Internals. Call for price — 03 Previous article GF Street 5 - T5. Close Window Loading, Please Wait! This may take a second or two.This rebuild is comparable to competitors Level 4 rebuild packages.

We use Timken and Koyo Bearings. This option adds no extra turnaround time. Starting inall T56 Transmissions came equipped with the Viper Style 2nd Gear, which features longer engagement teeth, making it much stronger. A very wise option for your pre F-Body! Starting inall T56 Transmissions came equipped with the Steel Shift Fork, which is much stronger than the bend-and-break prone Aluminum fork.

This option adds days to your turnaround time. Tick Performance Micropolishing consists of rotating a part at relatively slow speeds. As the part rotates through the machine, non-abrasive media makes contact on all surfaces of the part. At Tick Performance, our Micropolishing has two processes. The first process introduces a cutting solution into the media. The cutting solution very slowly smooths the surface of the part from the gentle wiping of our non-abrasive media. The second process is the polishing itself that utilizes a different type of solution.

This solution acts as a varnish that makes the metal part look like it has a chrome finish. The Tick Performance Micropolishing adds horsepower gains, achieving higher RPMs while simultaneously lowering operating temperatures and adding longer service life.

It is seen time and time again in big horsepower cars that do standing mile or high speed pulls often, and road race or autocross applications; the input shaft bearing can become starved for fluid and fail, causing a chain reaction of damage inside the transmission.

With this option, we install and weld bungs and spray tubes inside your transmission that will direct transmission fluid onto your input shaft and third gear teeth that are prone to failure. This kit will require some plumbing and electrical wiring. The sprayer consisted of a machined and welded bar that extrudes into the transmission, coating 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears more evenly with oil. The billet design vastly improves strength, which decreases gear deflection and enhances performance.

It handles torque deflection better, too, improving the life of your transmission. See the dropdown menu to add it to your build. Option Guide: Should I opt for Faceplating? If you drive your car on the street, no. Suggested for all manually shifted dedicated racecars ONLY, faceplating is a procedure very similar to proshifting, but much more durable and longer lasting. Faceplating completely eliminates the possibility of missing a shift by removing the stock synchronizers and opening up the engagement window for faster, higher rpm shifting.

This is definitely the way to go if you have a T56 in your racecar and you're looking for the quickest shifts possible. Due to the harsh nature of this process, we do not recommend this option for cars that see any street driving.

This option adds weeks to your turnaround time. During any rebuild here at Tick Performance, all transmission cases are washed and degreased. Our media blast and paint service gives the transmission a much more professional, finished look. Available in Black Satin or Silver. You can also opt for our powdercoating service, which is much more durable than paint. Also available in Black Satin or Silver.

If you're in a crunch for time, yes! Our Expedited Service option guarantees that your transmission will be shipped on it's way back to you the business day AFTER we receive it. Not available with any additional option that will delay your turnaround time.By MegahellastylinMay 6, in Tech Talk. So long story short, last weekend at TWS with NASA I got fed up with the shifting in my old T56, so after putting it off long enough, I removed it from the car and am going to have it rebuilt by a known good local guy.

I have three basic options I am considering:. Standard rebuild, except switch to the carbon synchros, brass inserts, better keys, steel shift fork, etc.

Send the gears off to Liberty Gear for faceplating dog box conversion. Keep in mind this is for a race only transmission which will never see use on the street. The engine is at about BHP or so, and is never going to be much higher than that, so strength even with a standard T56 is not an issue. The current transmission is not broken, it just shifts like crap, and in case anyone asks no it is not the clutch, which I know can be an issue with T56s but I have fixed all of that.

The faceplating option looks very good from all the reading I have done so far. So, I'm looking for input from anyone here that may have road raced with one or knows someone that has. This is also done for the T5s so if you have used one of those then I'm interested in hearing about that too. Have you looked at the G-force dog box option? Had good experience with them so far. They might even sell you just the parts. So I pulled the trigger on the faceplate conversion. I am having converted to faceplate sets dog engagement and keeping 1st and 6th as synchro gears never use them when going around the track.

The local builder takes the gears out, sends them off to Liberty Gear good reputation who converts the gear sets and ships them back.

Auto Parts Sale in Eugene, OR

The local builder reassembles everything, and viola, the awesomeness of a dog box T56 for about the same money as upgrading to the GTO synchros, and they won't wear out.

Can't wait to try it. Downside is it takes awhile to have the gears modified, like weeks. So I'll need to be patient.

faceplated t56

I'll post video once I get it for everyone to see.With today's technology and advanced ECUs, stick shift racers continue to push the envelope with more and more HP and torque. Aggressive street-style multi disk clutches can compound the issues found with keeping a transmission and drivetrain together at extreme power levels, as well - and then there is the other enemy: weight!

Here at Tick, we have been campaigning our own stick shift shop car, the "Grubb Worm. The car makes whp.

Inside the Transmission of an NHRA Pro-Stock

No core required, this transmission is sold complete!! Freight shipping is included to a freight terminal local to you. Choose from the drop down for different shipping options.

We have found that proper clutch selection is critical to the life of your transmission as well as the rest of your drivetrain. For these extreme drag cars, this means an adjustable clutch. Having the ability to 'hit' the tire softer even with more power or RPM and leave the line more like an automatic will not only help keep your transmission in-tact, but it will also make the car easier to handle and much more consistent.

You'll also have an advantage on days where the track surface or conditions aren't the greatest. To fully take advantage of an adjustable clutch, you need to monitor input shaft speed vs. With the input speed sensor found in this transmission, you can monitor this data through your modern EFI system and use it to make the proper adjustments much more quickly versus trying to make changes based on sound or feel.

The most common failure we have seen on high horsepower T56 and TR transmissions is a damaged input gear and the mating gear of the countershaft.

This can be an expensive repair as those are two of the most expensive parts found inside to be replaced. These gears become overheated, whether it be due to lack of fluid from hard acceleration the fluid rushes to the rear of the trans during hard acceleration or simply the extreme power. Being the most forward located gear in the box adds to the fluid supply issues. Also, the input gear and the mating gear of the countershaft are under load in all gears except 4th which is ratio so it is easy to understand why it is the most common gear to fail.

The billet design vastly improves strength, which decreases gear deflection and enhances performance. It handles torque deflection better, too, improving the life of your transmission. The gear set found in this transmission build uses material for exceptional strength. The gears have a re-engineered design and tooth profile as well as extra gear width wherever possible. When talking about extreme power levels and drag racing stick cars, it is inevitable that you will break something inside of your transmission eventually as nothing is bullet proof.

By design, the G-force gearset is much easier to disassemble this translates to cheaper labor costs for future rebuilds. All bearings are either slip fit or can be pressed off of their respective shaft without damage, unlike a regular T56 or TR For example, if you break an input gear, you don't have to buy a new bearing as long as the bearing is still good.

The counter shaft is a two piece design as opposed to one piece on a standard T56 or TR, so if you break 3rd gear for example, you only have to buy the section of counter shaft that has third and fourth on it, not the full assembly. This is a racer minded gear set! T56 and T56 Magnum transmissions have two overdrive gears.

Fourth gear is ratio just like 4 speed transmissions in the old days. Combined with our modified reverse lockout piston and your ECU to control just as the oem ECU would control the reverse lockout we have made it impossible to miss 3rd gear by going too far to the right with the shifter. A shift from second to third can now have a strong directional push to the right and the lockout will act as a barrier or guide to direct the shift straight into 3rd gear!!

That same strong directional push to the right that you as the driver will exert greatly reduces your chance of a shift. Many have simply removed 5th and 6th gear from T56 transmissions over the years for the weight savings, but they left an empty gate where 5th and 6th were located which left you as the driver to guide the shift into the right 'slot' or you were relying on the detents of the transmission and spring load of your shifter to line the shift up in hopes that you don't accidentally go back into first gear.

Be the first to leave a review. Add to Wishlist Create Wishlist required. Make wishlist public. Here is what you get! About the Billet Front Plate The most common failure we have seen on high horsepower T56 and TR transmissions is a damaged input gear and the mating gear of the countershaft.Too late!

This listing was so awesome that it's already gone. Check out other similar ads in your area. Front and rear seat skins. Out of a FR-S. The first picture shows the driver side bolster. It has the most wear. No other stains, smells, or tears. Gold driver side front fender for Mazda B-series pickup. Has a few scratches but no dents. Call Brian five4one9one3one5two0 lv msg. Misc auto books, the hard cover chilton manuals are 10, the soft cover are 5Txt only no email.

Truck Rack Approx dimensions 8ft X 71". Top of rack dimensions L' X W".

faceplated t56

Email for questions preferred or text zero3. Top of rack runs approx "x55". Email preferred or text for questions or to view.

Whelen "Liberty" lightbar. Full size. Full options plus takedowns.Let's face it Some might even say it's a waste of time! Not only is broken parts a problem, but the speed at which you can shift is limited by the synchronizers. Trying to go fast with a giant turbo, and still using a synchro box is a battle I have been losing.

I have always ran nitrous to combat the car coming out of power between shifts I have cracked the intake manifold more than once due to backfires.

This allows full throttle shifting. So basically it's time to quit playing around You could faceplate a V One broken trans and you would be screwed This is one of the reasons I swapped to the Tremec T56 Magnum. There is so much more aftermarket support available for the magnum.

Sequential shifters, faceplating, gear ratios, etc etc! I have seen so many people gouging others selling discontinued V parts. It has billet shift forks, is fully cryogenically treated, and has everything the GR has but then add on faceplated 1st-4th gears. The transmission has been sitting in my garage for about a month, waiting for me to install.

To me, it was a no brainer to try this transmission and see how much faster it could be shifted I did some street testing on the transmission, and the video below is the first time I ever drove the car on the GRF. First impressions are that this thing is amazing! I need to adjust the clutch a bit, as its engaging way too far up off the floor, so gear changes are still a bit slower than they could be. I am anxious to really push this box to the limit.

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