M4a1 no recoil build

The Warzone best M4 builds are a varied mix of options but all have one thing in common - the M4A1 is one of the best guns in almost every configuration. It might be the first thing you unlock but don't let that put you off - with the right attachments you can make the Warzone M4 assault rifle one of the best weapons in the game. With that in mind here's a selection of the some Warzone best M4 builds that will give you a loadout that can carry you in Warzone and Modern Warfare multiplayer.

When playing Warzone, there's different aspects of the game you need to take into consideration. Rather than explaining all of the correct attachments to use in Warzone — every style of play listed below is viable, after all — here are some suggestions for how to set up the entire class.

The key perk you want to have on your M4 Warzone class is Overkill. This will allow you to either cater your M4 to close quarters combat or long range play, depending on what your second weapon is. If you opt for a kitted out SMG — the MP5 would be our choice — you'll want a longer scope on your M4, along with attachments that help you retain damage and recoil control at range. Use the accuracy build below for your M4 if this is your choice. If you're not sold on the M4 then check out some other options with Warzone best guns.

On the other hand, if you want to keep your M4 as a close-medium range weapon, equipping a marksman or sniper rifle as your secondary would be smart. Something like the run n gun build below would be ideal for the M4. For the other perks, in the first slot we'd recommend considering either Scavenger or Double Time. The former is very useful if you're burning through lots of ammo, while sprinting faster can be useful if you don't want to use a vehicle and need to cover lots of ground.

In slot three, consider using Shrapnel. No matter which lethal you opt for, having two of them is incredibly useful when clearing out buildings, especially when the safe zone is much smaller. Our first of the Modern Warfare best M4A1 builds comes courtesy of Ian "Crimsix" Porter, one of the most decorated and successful Call of Duty pro esports players in the world.

Having recently moved to Dallas Empire for the upcoming league, his M4A1 loadout focuses on sacrificing mobility for accuracy, ensuring the gun deals as much damage as possible at range. If you love playing slowly, sitting in corners and pre-aiming doors for enemies to come barreling through, take a look at out stealth-focused build. With this, you'll be able to push for the high killstreaks, especially if you utilise things like the Heartbeat Sensor and Ghost perk. Barrel: FFS The M4A1 is so good however, that it can be used more than effectively in close quarters combat situations with a build like this, and relies a lot on hip fire kills up close.

Laser: 5mW Laser Optic: G. Sometimes you just want to play as a standard assault soldier who can dabble in all sorts of situations. For that, you'll want this M4A1 build which can perform at range, up close, and everything in-between. The only thing you're sacrificing here is mobility, so while you'll be more than adept in close quarters combat, don't go barging into rooms full of enemies.

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Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more! Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Read more.Below is our recommended M4A1 loadout. Our other weapon loadout guides can be found here. The weapon is ridiculously powerful with the right attachments. Although the M4A1 has quite a kick to it, with the right configuration you can minimize its recoil to almost zero.

This guide will show you the best attachments for high accuracy, range and minimum recoil with the M4A1. Note that we will be focusing solely on recoil control and not mobility. You are going to have significantly less mobility due to one of the attachments we recommend, but that attachment also gives you the most recoil control in this build.

The Muzzle you need to use for this build is the Monolithic Suppressor.

m4a1 no recoil build

The advantage of using this particular suppressor is sound suppression, but with a higher rate of damage. For the Barrel, you need to choose Stock M16 Grenadier. This barrel is an absolutely essential component of this configuration and is one of the main factors which contribute towards reduced recoil in your M4A1. It gives you better recoil control, higher bullet velocity and a higher rate of damage. This Barrel will reduce your ADS and movement speed as a whole considerably. But, as stated before, the focus here is on recoil control.

The speed debuff isn't too bad, it's just slower than the default. You can also use Corvus Custom Marksman. It increases the same stats, but not as much as the Stock M16 Grenadier attachment. It does give a slightly higher movement speed, but the effective difference is negligible. Go with the Ranger Foregrip here. It increases your recoil control and aiming stability with the M4A1 significantly. When we talk about aiming stability here, we're not just speaking about recoil control but also accuracy and damage range.

An alternative is the Commando Foregrip, which just has a slightly lower range.

Warzone best M4 builds: the best M4A1 loadouts we've found

The Ranger Foregrip is available upon reaching Level 61 with the M4A1 whereas the Commando Foregrip is available early at Level 4, making it ideal at lower levels. Choose Monocle Reflex Sight as your Optic. This scope is extremely precise and increases your accuracy at the cost of your ADS.

Your ADS speed was already low due to the Stock M16 Grenadier however, and this reflex sight won't make much of a difference. We were able to take out enemies shooting at us from the roof of the Stadium and other buildings, while we were situated at buildings much lower than theirs. It has extremely good accuracy and range. The last attachment is up to you. If you want even more recoil control for your weapon then go ahead and choose the Rubberized Grip Tape as your Rear Grip.

However, if you already selected the attachments listed above, your effective recoil is already at the lowest the game allows, so it won't make a difference. Therefore, if you don't want to constantly reload your weapon when engaging the enemies, go for Ammunition attachment and choose either the 50 Rounds Mag or the 60 Rounds Mag. In our experience, this build can take down two opponents at most before requiring a reload, meaning any potential third opponent is at an advantage.

If you are playing Solos mode, then that isn't a situation you'll often be in, so go for the Rear Grip attachment. If you want to level up your weaponsbattle pass tier and player fast then check out our guide here. You can also see all the attachments available for all guns along with their unlock level requirements. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.Below is our recommended Grau loadout.

Our other weapon loadout guides can be found here. The Grau is easily one of the most comfortable guns to use in Warzone, after the M4A1.

NO RECOIL M4A1 VARIANT.. GLITCH? (Modern Warfare Warzone)

What's more, you can customize it to achieve almost 'zero' recoil. The Grau has gained quite a bit of popularity recently, thanks to its ease of aim via its extremely accurate iron sight.

The Grau can give players an edge when it comes to ADS speed since using optics on your gun reduces it. With no optic, you have faster ADS speed, and the best part is that the iron sight on Grau is terrific, making up for the lack of optics.

m4a1 no recoil build

Combined with some other attachments, this gun is unstoppable. Below we have a custom loadout for the Grau and have set out all the attachments you need to get the best out of this gun in Warzone both Battle Royale and Plunder. This loadout is suitable for medium to slightly high range engagements. For this build, you need to rank up your Grau to level You can check our guide on how to level up your weapon, player, and battle pass tier fast.

We also have a guide on all the attachments for every weapon along with their unlock level requirements. For the Muzzle, as always, you need to choose Monolithic Suppressor. This suppressor should be your "go-to" suppressor on pretty much every gun.

It is the best suppressor for all gun types. The Barrel is where you get the core features in your weapon loadout, and therefore choosing a Barrel is critical. You need to choose Tempus It gives you increased damage range, bullet velocity, and also better recoil control. The Barrel also gives you different iron sights on your Grau. The two best iron sights are found on either the Tempus These two are the most popular among players.

The Tempus However, feel free to alternate between the two and decide what works best for you. The FSS On the other hand, it has a minor increase in mobility which is not noticeable. Go with Tac Laser as your Laser attachment. With the Grau, the Tac Laser increases not only your ADS speed but also your aiming stability and aim walking steadiness, giving you overall better control of your gun, even during movement such as strafing while aiming.

For your Underbarrel, choose the Commando Foregrip as it provides better recoil control and stabilization. Some may argue you should go with the Ranger Foregrip, and that is completely fine. You can also go with that Underbarrel, but it reduces your ADS speed, and aim walking movement speed, giving you overall reduced mobility.

Of course, your last attachment should be Ammunition and a 60 Round Mag in that. You will come across squads in Warzone, and to take them all out quickly you need to ensure that you have enough ammo for the whole lot of them!

You do not want to run out of ammo when engaged in a gunfight with someone, let alone a squad of three. It is recommended that you go with the 60 Round Mag as your Ammunition attachment. If you are playing solo, then you can consider some other attachment to improve the mobility aspects of your weapon, but for regular Warzone with squads of three or four, the 60 Round Mag is a must. It unlocks at level Escape From Tarkov has an amazing amount of customization options for your weapons, and the king of customization is by far the M4.

The Wave suppressor fits over the Wave muzzle brake and allows for a suppressed option that has its own fairly ridiculous stats. This build allows your M4, already a venerable bullet hose, to have competitive ergonomics enough to use a scope, and almost no recoil even for long range engagements.

The best M4 build in Escape From Tarkov

Many players have taken to this optic for its clear sight picture and flexible nature lending itself to both close and mid range combat, with skilled players pushing it out to about as far as can be useful in EFT. With the impressive fire rate of the M4, it might be tempting to slap a round MAG 5.

Feel free to experiment with this build, cutting parts out or just downgrading can definitely make it more affordable without massively impacting performance. Not to mention the plethora of personal choice options you have with sights, magazines, and tactical devices like lasers. A life long gamer, a writer by nature, and tinker by habit.

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Best in-slot M4. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Comments for robots Please remove this comment to prove you're human. Comment Name Email Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.Searching for the best M4A1 loadout for Warzone?

The M4A1 is a balanced and reliable assault rifle that's fit for most encounters. It continues to perform well in Infinity Ward's battle royale mode, but there's no harm in increasing your chances of winning firefights by improving your setup.

Accessing your loadout in Warzone is quite different to how you'd choose it in Multiplayer. Consider taking a look at our Warzone loadouts guide which outlines how to prepare for a battle royale match, and edit your loadouts.

To get you started, I've selected my favourite M4A1 builds, the attachments that are essential in each build, and situations in which they function best. This build is well-rounded and versatile. It holds its own at mid and relatively long ranges, so it's perfectly viable at any point in a match. The Stock M16 Grenadier is a handy barrel as it increases your damage range, while bumping up the weapon's accuracy and lowering recoil.

Smoother handling at mid ranges is handy, but you also want to actually see your enemy as you send them to the Gulag: the Operator Reflex Sight is a worthy choice for that as it's clean and minimal, and helps you get the job done.

Add an extended magazine to this build if you want, but it's worth mentioning that the Commando Foregrip already reduces your movement speed. Of course, a suppressor is an essential addition to this stealthy build. Always go for the Monolithic Suppressor over the Lightweight option, as compromising your damage range just isn't worth it.

A stealthy build must be paired with a slow and patient gameplan, and these attachments support that style. The Bipod underbarrel is useful for following another player and steadily taking them out, while also adding crouch and prone recoil control. Quietly holding angles naturally falls into the approach you take with this build, and the Tracker perk makes it easier to stalk your prey. The Singuard Arms Invader increases your walking movement speed while aiming, and the Commando Foregrip helps you to eliminate opponents quickly by stabilising your aim.

This M4A1 Warzone loadout focuses on accuracy, so your movement speed is noticeably reduced. The Corvus Custom Marksman barrel reduces aim-down-sight and movement speed, but stabilises your shots while adding range.

Granulated Grip Tape further aids the precision and steadiness of your shots. This loadout is for you if you're confident in your aim: your reduced mobility makes it harder to escape if you mess up. Expect to win longer range firefights though, if your reflexes are up to scratch. Your tactical and lethal slots help to deal extra damage, with the Snapshot Grenade briefly revealing where your opponents are lurking within it's blast radius. Remain alert at all times and you're bound to rack up eliminations from just a few bursts of devastating shots.

The best M4A1 builds for Warzone

Warzone's map is huge, with stretches of open land where snipers can pick off other players for fun. So an aggressive playstyle may not be the most advisable way to operate in the lull that occurs halfway through the match, but as the gas closes in, this is the best M4A1 loadout in Warzone to help you dominate the late game. The M Stock boosts your aiming stability, which makes your AR feel more reliable.The M4A1 has undoubtedly been the strongest weapon in Modern Warfare since launch and that continues to be the case in Season 5.

Multiplayer and Warzone lobbies are overwhelmingly filled with this weapon and there's a number of ways to use it. Every player is different and every playstyle is unique, so you can find a few options to help compliment your gameplay. When you factor in its high damage output, the M4 is near-unbeatable in every possible scenario that you will come across in multiplayer. When fully equipped with a Stock M16 Grenadier, Granulated Grip Tape and a Commando Foregrip, recoil becomes a minimum at close to medium ranges but at longer ranges, it still requires some trigger discipline to secure the kill.

This is probably the best all-round setup for the M4, combining versatility, power, accuracy and control. This is a setup that a few pro players are using, including Clayster and Crimsix - it's worth noting that some also use the Operator Foregrip. D will increase your resistance to explosives, Ghost will keep you hidden from pesky enemy UAVs while Spotter will allow you to see enemy equipment through walls; so you can isolate and kill enemies.

This killstreak combination is with high-kill matches in mind. The VTOL Jet kills all enemies with ease while White Phosphorus can damage enemies all over the map, making them easy pray for you and your teammates. This combination of attachments will allow you to be aggressive against the SMGs and often outgun them thanks to the minimal recoil and increased movement speed from the barrel.

This perk setup will allow you to play more passive and act as an anchor for your team on the map. Semtex is ideal for throwing into a crowded area and it could stick to an opponent and a flash is great to pop when about to rush into a building. Add insult to injury and give your M4 some additional firepower to take down the enemy with ease.

Playing more aggressively will mean that the higher killstreaks are out of reach so aiming for lower, yet powerful, killstreaks is the way to go. Aggression not your style? It is very easy to be sneaky on Modern Warfare thanks to the numerous buildings located on every map.

Follow this class setup to rack up kills while staying hidden. This loadout conceals any noise when firing and unmatched range which is perfect for the bigger maps. Choice of lethals and tacticals is again down to personal preference but if you are hiding out in a building then a Claymore is definitely the way to go, along with a smoke grenade to escape any sticky situation. Being more passive and sneakier will likely yield higher killstreaks so choose ones that you think you can score!

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Minimum/No Recoil Grau Loadout For Warzone

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m4a1 no recoil build

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