Native american style flute makers

Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Butch Hall handcrafts precision tuned native American style flutes at affordable prices. Butch builds the 15 note, extended range native American style flutes heard on many best selling native American flute albums. Butch uses premium cedar and select hardwoods like walnut and cherry. His exquisitely crafted instruments have become the flute of choice for many recording artists and novices alike. Butch is fortunate to work full time in flute making — that which he is truly passionate about.

Most of his life, Butch has worked in wood, so he has a deep respect and appreciation for the knowledge he has accumulated.

native american style flute makers

Butch began making and playing flutes in The first three albums are solo flute, while the latest, Sonoran Nightsfeatures the accompaniment by Peter Phippen and Ken Godey on acoustic guitar, keyboard, beimbau and wind chimes. These albums make a great addition to any music collection. Most weekends you will find Butch and Laura traveling around the country performing and promoting his flutes at art and craft festivals and Native American showcases.

Being able to take his flutes on the road and meet the people who will learn to play them is rewarding for Butch. To see a person play for the first time, and get a sweet note from the flute is so much fun! When not on the road you will find them home in Weatherford, Texas, and likely Butch will be busy at work in his custom built and outfitted shop.

When you walk in the door there is no doubt that you have walked into the shop of a master woodworker.


Evenings find the couple in the kitchen with family and friends. Butch often cooks gourmet meals, while Laura accompanies with bread, desserts, and baking.

What a team!I prefer to call my flutes North American wood flutes, or Native style, because it is a more accurate description of flutes being made today. The only similarity of flutes today compared to those made by Native Americans years ago is they both have two chambers, a slow air chamber and a resonant bore chamber.

This trait separates the flute from all of the other flutes in the world. Flutes today are tuned to conventional European music standards, whereas those of yesterday were tuned and played by the maker to what they felt was correct. Playing the flute is fun, enjoyable, loaded with healing potential. I have little musical talent however what makes the flute so much fun is its simplicity.

If you love to listen to flute music, take that as a sign you are to play as well. There are two schools of flute playing, for entertainment and for spiritual healing. Play in both schools and your life becomes blessed. For Entertainment — Play duets, play with backtracks, participate in flute circles, and connect with your body allowing the music to flow.

Regardless of your mode of playing, if it feels good to you, this precisely what you are to play. Spiritual Healing — Playing for healing can be for physical healing or to repair emotional healing. Treat the flute as a cell phone to the Spirit. Low notes are you speaking or I should say expressing your feelings to the Spirit. Whatever the high notes are played, is the Spirit speaking back to you.

Put NO thought into what you are playing and you will soon discover a greater awareness of the Spirit within you. If you would like to view the benefits of playing and listening to North American wood flutes, check out this study by Clint Goss.

I make and play flutes because the process creates peace, calms the squirrel cage in my head, and enables me to have a closer connection to Spirit. Making flutes for other people is my way of sharing the gifts that I have been given to those around me. I consider my flutes as hand-made, though I do use power tools.

One factor I have noticed at flute conventions or gatherings is to look at my display, there are a wide variety of woods, colors, shapes, sizes and designs. Typically I work in small batches of seven flutes, usually a particular key and several different types of wood. This is a term that provides a great deal of misunderstanding.

I consider a well tuned flute to be capable of playing a chromatic scale of 14 notes. However it should be noted that a few of those notes will not be as precise in tuning. North American Wooden Flutes. Native American style flutes by SevenWinds. Why play a flute? How is a sevenwinds flute unique?

Concert tuning This is a term that provides a great deal of misunderstanding.As an engineer, my life is making peoples dreams into reality. As a flute maker, I feel greatly blessed to be able to create wooden flutes that allow people turn their dreams and feelings into music magic. Over the years, I have helped hundreds of people begin playing the flute and have seen them create magical experiences.

These ancient people used the flute for ceremonies, for healing, some undoubtedly for love, and surely just for pleasure. It is easy to imagine these ancient people making music as you hear the sounds of a well made wooden flute today. Today we can touch the ancient and share the magic the flute creates. If you are ready to purchase your first flute, click here. Otherwise, please continue Learning the flute truly is easy.

As you to begin your Journey with the flute, I highly recommend that you purchase the DVD Journey With The Native Flute as it is an excellent tool for learning the flute from beginer to advanced. The first thing that captures your attention is the elegant craftsmanship and design of Woodsounds Flutes. Could it actually sound as good as it looks? The curves, the texture, the fine wood grain is all right.

The sound, the sound, lets hear the sound! Then it comes. Tones that flow sweet, rich and deep. So thick that they fill the room. They caress the ear and heal the heart. Then you realize what it means; The true essence of music is what comes from the heart. I LOVE my two new flutes! They are so beautiful, both in sound and in beauty. They are really spectacular and very special to me. I especially love the little bear on the A flute! It is so perfect!

You must wonder at times where you flutes go, and how they uplift or bring joy to the lives of those who own and play them? In my case my job as an IT Business Analyst is quite stressful and hectic When I come home I seek to have something that relaxes me and takes me away from the stresses of the day. The Native American flute for me is something that is instantly available to give me a peaceful, serene, meditative calm, after a hectic day I find it magical the way the music just seems to transport me away, and your instruments especially have such a wonderful sound that brings me so much peace and light.

And now Thank you. Many of our clients say we are the best Native American style flute makers in the world and we are trying to live up to their expectations. Many of today's top Native American style flute performers use Woodsounds flutes for their recordings and performances.Music is an ancient way to alter our consciousness and communicate with all our relations.

It is used for meditation, healing, and therapy. The flute is always a spiritual experience for both me, the maker, and you the player. The flute is more than a wooden musical instrument. To play the flute, you must breathe with the flute. I've had people say it's just like Yoga. I am honored that my path has led me to be a maker of these wonderful instruments.

I would love the opportunity to create a flute for you. I was adopted at birth. I always felt like I didn't quite fit in. I turned to music at an early age. I began playing bass, guitar, and harmonica. I played on the road, nationally throughout the US during the 70's. I have always had a passion for working with wood. I've built custom cabinets, collapsible drum stages and speaker cabinets. In the late 's, my wife and I had a band here in Missouri.

My oldest son, Jeremyjoined our band and we were ready to go back on the road again with our music. Then tragedy struckJeremy's son, Lucas, was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Life stopped. We put everything on hold and waited. We were blessed with a miracle. We found out that Jeremy's second son, Andrew, was a perfect match, as a bone marrow donor.

Because of that, Lucas is living a normal life today. During this time, Jeremy quite the band and we still had band contracts to fill. Numerous personnel changes in the band led us to a guitar player by the name of Steve Bartha. The second band practice, he brought his Native American Flutes with him. For me, it was love at first sound.

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I knew this was my calling. It was a perfect match between my musical gift and my wood working gift. I became consumed with the passion to build these amazing instruments. I would come home from work, every night and build flutes in our garage. By September ofI quite my day job and we have been making flutes full-time ever since. From our home and workshop in the peaceful woods by the spectacular Stockton Lake in Missouri, we make and sell flutes all over the world.

Instruments in the style of Native American Flutes

This week, Aprilour friend Steve Bartha, passed away way too young, in my opinion. Below are links to Steve's Song. He created it, he played, and he traded it to us for a flute. The title is: "The Forest Dance". Hear it on Sound Cloud If you are listening with your cell phone.Click here to listen to the different flute keys. This is a beautiful Harmonic Drone that has been made using my new design. This design allows you to play this Flute as a Harmonic Drone or as a single Mid.

A Flute. This Flute has a gorgeous, strong voice. The finger plugs are Claro Walnut. This flute has a rich, dynamic voice. It is his number 2 flute and is quite a collectors item. It is dressed with Curly Maple Finger Plugs. Helens volcanic ash and Mother - Of - Pearl.

The Blocks are the Triple P. On the walnut side of the flute the block has a maple base with a buffalo horn laminate in the center and Elephant Ivory on top. On the Curly Maple side of the flute the block has a walnut base with an Elephant Ivory laminate in the center and Buffalo Horn on the top. Both of these blocks have been highly polished. The voice, being my favorite key, is gorgeous and smooth. Note: I purchase pre-banned Elephant Ivory from a legal source.

People that have Elephant Ivory inlays, laminations, etc. The flute is also dressed with Pommele Sapele finger plugs. At the foot of the flute you will find a Southwest Native American designed Inlay that depicts a prayer shrine. The Inlay used is Jet Black and Jade. In the center of the design is a rare Green Amber cabochon. Moving up the flute body you will come across six Zia Sun Symbols around each finger hole inlayed with Mt. Helens Volcanic Ash. Directly below the nest area is a shaped and polished Peacock Obsidian stone that is encircled by sun ray and diamond shaped Elephant Ivory Inlays pointing to the four directions.

The voice although bright is also smooth and tranquil.

Here's what we have to offer

Each flute comes with a nice, professionally made flute sleeve at no extra charge. All the flutes in this Flute Gallery have already been sold. Flutes that are for sale can be found on the In-Stock Flute Gallery. This Gallery was designed to help you choose your new flutes design and features. This gorgeous, one of a kind, Drone flute plays as good as it looks. It is quite possibly the best Mid. A Drone I have made to date.

It is made from a beautiful piece of figured claro walnut with a mouth cap made from aqua colored stabilized box elder burl wood. It has finger plugs from the same stabilized box elder burl. The flute is also dressed with a Kokopelli inlay, at the foot of the flute, from Green Malachite.

native american style flute makers

The blocks are the Wave made from the stabilized box elder burl with a walnut base. The flute also has a protective high gloss finish.

This flute has a magnificent, full voice. This flute also has Pommele Sapele Finger Plugs.Wind Dancer Flutes. If you are looking for Custom, Hand made, Native American style flutes, you have come to the right place! These Native American style flutes are made to fit the spirit of your music. Each flute embodies the delicate and careful work that can only be achieved by a Master Flute Maker. Wind Dancer Cedar Flutes are becoming well known for their artistic expression and concert quality tuning.

McGee has been a sculptor and Artist for over 35 years. One of his many talents is making Native American style flutes that are played and cherished by people all over the world including professional flute players such as Carlos Nakai, Peter Phippen and John Twohawks.

Each Native American style Flute created at Wind Dancer Studios is custom crafted one at a time using only hand tools to shape the wood. Finger and tuning holes are burned into the wood by using a hot metal rod. McGee works with inlaid shells, buffalo teeth, carved totems, feathers, beads, paint, to create these old style flutes! McGee's diverse talents are shown in the exquisite nature of his bronze sculpture. His ability to capture the life and beauty of his subjects is a rare talent.

The flutes on my web site are " Native American Style Flutes " and in no way refers to my heritage ".

Click on photo for Details!I became acquainted with Native American flute music when my wife and I visited New Mexico for continuing education classes over the years. After retiring the first time, I took a job with the Indian Health Service and lived in Albuquerque for seven years. I enjoyed learning more about the Native American culture and became more fascinated with the Native American flute and its music. A friend, whose husband played the Native American flute, knew of my interest in the flute and suggested I learn to play.

I was too busy with other things and work and did not have the time. After retiring the second time, that friend gifted me a flute and said "now you have time to learn"! Like most of us, I bought another flute on the internet in a different key.

Having been a hobby chip carver and wood worker most of my adult life, I decided to make a flute myself. After making a lot of expensive kindling I was able to produce a flute that was in tune and I was hooked on turning a piece of wood into a quality musical instrument.

At various festivals other flute makers and performers have been generous in sharing information to help me improve my flute making and playing skills. My objective is to make a well tuned, high quality, and reasonably priced flute for you, my customer.

I will never sell a flute that does not meet my high standards and that I would not want to own myself. Flute making is a constantly improving process and I will continue to strive to make the highest quality flute that I possibly can. Inventory Updated September 24, Cart 0 Checkout.

native american style flute makers

Rick Svitzer - Flute Maker.

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