Threat complaint letter

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We will get through this together. Is your boss threatening your job if you don't "see things his way? The workplace can be stressful enough without these issues to deal with. It's time to act. Write down important details about your complaint and put them in a letter to Human Resources HR.

If HR has a complaint form, use that instead. Lily Zheng, MA. Make sure the letter answers "who," "what," "where," and "when. Then, suggest a solution that will resolve the problem and its negative impact. Our Expert Agrees: To ensure that the resolution you suggest is appropriate, put yourself in the perspective of the decision-maker, and ask yourself, "Does this make sense?

To write a letter of complaint to human resources, start off by explaining what your complaint is about. Then, provide details, facts, and evidence that support the claim you're making. You should also explain any attempts you've made to solve the problem yourself. Conclude your letter with a request for help, like asking for an investigation or a mediated meeting. When you're writing your letter, try to be as specific as possible by including people's names and also the dates you spoke with them.

Before you submit your letter, save a copy for your records. To learn more, such as how to talk to and work with a representative from Human Resources, keep reading!

threat complaint letter

Did this summary help you? Yes No.A police complaint letter is written to request for legal action or an adjustment following a particular event or situation. This letter may also be written to complain about lost items, assault, or disturbance of any kind. Such a letter is written by an individual or company who wish to report something. It is addressed to the police department requesting legal action to be taken over the issue. A police complaint letter is an official notification to the police department of a disturbing situation that requires legal intervention.

It is used to give details about the situation to enable the police department to take the necessary action to rectify the situation. This letter serves an official document to support an investigation on the matter reported. It is documented for reference in the future. Do you wish to make a complaint officially to the police department and you have no idea how to start?

Have a look at the police complaint letter template and sample letters that will guide you through. My bag had a work laptop and important documents. The thief vanished from the scene and I could not chase them. I wish to request that you start an investigation on the lost items especially the work documents that belonged to a client.

Kindly do the needful as soon as possible so that I can recover the lost items. I hope for legal action to be taken against the person who committed this crime. I have faith in the system and I hope for your assistance in this matter.

I hope that you will also do your best to promote security in this locality. The mobile is an Apple iphone, with removeable red colour case. Also mention the value of the mobile phone lost. I request you to register the complaint and provide an attested copy to me. The attested copy is crucial because until then the mobile company would not block the phone number. This would prevent potential abuse of the number. I request you to trace the number and recover the cell phone.

When you want a legal action to be taken in a certain situation, it is appropriate to make a request in writing. Here is our free police complaint letter that you can write to the relevant police department.Now what? First, do not panic. You have many decisions to make on how to respond, and a cool head will serve you well. Although the correspondence will be unique to your situation and the CMLP cannot give you specific legal advice, here are some guidelines to help you determine your course of action.

Determine what law the sender is using to support her arguments. However, given that such determinations often involve complex legal analysis, you may want to check with a lawyer to ensure this is the case before disregarding the letter. Refer to our section on Finding Legal Help for resources to use in making this determination. In the course of your research and fact gathering, you will probably come to one of three conclusions:. The law does not protect your activity : If you determine that your activity is not legally defensible, stop it immediately and do not wait for the sender to file a lawsuit against you.

Do not ignore the threat on the assumption that no one would sue you because you don't have a lot of financial assets, as recent changes to bankruptcy laws may leave you vulnerable.

Oftentimes, acquiescing to a legitimate request will make the threat go away. However, if the sender demands payment of some kind, we strongly advise you to review the section on Finding Legal Help. Consider whether you should notify your insurance company that you have received a legal threat.

This is an important action because creating an entry in the Legal Threats Database will help others who receive similar letters know that they are not alone and assist them in weighing their options regarding how to respond. You will also allow the CMLP to track who is sending legal threats and make it possible for our lawyers to help others in a similar position.

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12+ Response Letter Templates

Due to popular demand the Berkman Klein Center is keeping the website online, but please note that the website and its contents are no longer being updated. Please check any information you find here for accuracy and completeness. If a lawsuit complaint, subpoena, or other legal filing is attached, refer to our sections on Responding to Lawsuits and Responding to Subpoenas for guidance on how best to proceed.

Check to see who sent the letter. Even if it is a lawyer who authored the letter, do not immediately assume that the letter has merit and that you are in the wrong.

Instead: a. Determine whether the sender has specified a time by which she expects you to comply with her wishes. If you have a reasonable amount of time to respond, keep going down this checklist. If the sender expects immediate compliance, notify the sender that you received her correspondence, are taking it seriously, and need time to investigate the claims she has made.

Give her a date one providing you with a reasonable amount of time to figure out your response when you will respond further—and keep to it. Keep note of when you received the letter; good record-keeping will be important in the event that the sender files a lawsuit against you. If the letter has been signed by a judge or court official, you most likely have received an order mandating some action on your part. You should immediately comply with order, as disobeying a court order can have negative repercussions.

After complying with the order, you have three choices: do nothing more, appeal the order, or, if a hearing is scheduled, prepare for the upcoming hearing in which you will have an opportunity to be heard and to present evidence. Refer to our sections on Responding to Lawsuits and Finding Legal Help in order to decide which choice is best for you. Review the substance of the letter or email.

See if the sender has clearly explained the legal basis for her arguments that you need to stop the activity described. Other sections of our legal guide, especially the Risks Associated with Publication and Intellectual Property sections, may help you understand the terms used in the correspondence.A complain letter about harassment can be written by an employee against a colleague or superior to the concerned authority by producing ample proof for the same since it is the reputation of another employee in question.

The letter should be brief and concise. Follow the below-given tips and refer the provided samples to write a sample complaint letter about harassment like verbal abuse, mental harassment or hostile work environment.

I am employed in …. When I refused a similar favour on… mention date if possibleI was threatened with … mention threat used. I was silent about these incidents for long since. I request you to treat this as a complaint against my superior for harassment and take suitable action at the earliest. I am employed in the sales- a department under probation for the past six months.

I report to Mrs. Suzane for work. I wish to bring to your notice that she has been harassing me mentally and taking undue advantage of my temporary appointment. When I refused a similar favour on 10 Septembershe hinted that this could cost me my job-confirmation. I did not report about these incidents for long since permanency in this job means a lot to me.

His attitude toward the junior is non-professional. He has been treating his juniors in the way unacceptable. It is due to all this we find it difficult to work along with him. He is also exploiting his positions for his gains and even threatened many colleagues and juniors. The reports made by him also have many irregularities and facts have been misquoted to make the stories look one-sided. His reports and memos for promotion are also biased.

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Start by stating your designation and department of work. Mention name of superior who is harassing you and duration of harassment.

Responding to Correspondence Threatening Legal Action

Explain in brief about how you are being harassed. Mention threat used by superior while harassing you. Mention your compulsions if any for remaining silent about this issue for a while. End by requesting concerned authority to take suitable action against your superior for harassment. Complaint Letter About Harassment Template.

Use our free Complaint Letter About Harassment to help you get started. Download the. If you need additional help or more examples, check out some of the sample letters below.

threat complaint letter

I am asked to … explain how you are being harassed When I refused a similar favour on… mention date if possibleI was threatened with … mention threat used. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.Thank you.

There should be more individuals like you in the world. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

Police Complaint Letter

Hey, thank you for this post and the one about warranties. I'm wondering if you can help me with a question.

Conflict Resolution Pranks - The Office US

Like you, I live in Ohio, though I'm down in Cincinnati. I would like to threaten a maker of fitness equipment with small claims court, but the company is incorporated in a different state.

They do have authorized dealers in Ohio, including one in Hamilton Country, where I live and where I purchased the disputed equipment. The rules of Cincinnati's small claims court state that I need an address for the entity I'm suing. Can I use the address of the authorized dealer, even though they're distinct from the business I'm going after? I checked with the Secretary of State's office, and the equipment maker appears not to have a statutory agent in Ohio.

Anyway, thanks for your time, and congratulations on your nuptials! I can't give specific legal advice in this blog. I can say that the usual course is to sue the retailer, and then the retailer can bring the manufacturer into the suit.

Hello, Thank you for such brilliant writing. How about "Answering to a threat letter" Thanks Doug for providing this resource.

Complaint Letter About Harassment

It really helped me out today with writing a letter that I hope will avoid me having to take someone to small claims court. This is a great resource for us "non-lawyers! You obviously do care! I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of where I might find templates for legal letters? Sorry, but I do not know of any such template. My guess is that the facts always vary so much that a template would be useless.

Write your letter with the advice I give in the above post in mind and that should be some guidance as what will work and what will note. Good luck with this. Post a Comment. October 19, I tell my law students that in their coming practices they will often receive such letters or nowadays even emailsand they will calmly evaluate what to do about them depending on the legal issues involved and the wisdom of litigating them.

But the non-legal recipient of such a letter is in a very different position. Non-lawyers are usually very upset just by the thought of having to a hire a lawyer, b pay the lawyer's fee, the court costs, and gasp! The recipient, contemplating all this, feels inner organs turning over painfully, and will likely have trouble sleeping that night.

The first thing that occurs to many in such a state is to avoid the whole thing by settling the matter here and now. That's exactly the attitude you want the person receiving your threat letter to adopt.This is to bring to the attention of your good office the above subject matter for possible investigation and further necessary action, should my claims be confirmed to be within the limit of law and fundamental human rights.

We relied on the Freedom of Information Act which has now become a law and the freedom of speech and expression in gathering all the materials used in compiling the book.

threat complaint letter

It was initiated as part of our contribution to the present administration of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and future administrations in the war against a corrupt free society and holding accountable those appointed to hold public office with huge responsibilities like that of the Ministry of the Federal Capital Territory.

When the SSS eventually insisted on professionalism, due process of law and refused to be drag into politics of impunity, Bala Muhammad decided to use the option of using the police to do his bidding even though in his petition to your good office he claimed he had sufficient evidence to prosecute me, yet refused to go to court insisting the police to do the dirty job for him.

While he is desperately pursuing the option of my arrest and incarceration by the police, he sponsored a proxy, one Uzoka Chukwuemeka to file a suit against me in High Court No.

By implication and out of his desperation he wants the police to investigate part of a case that is already before a court of law. I have attached herewith the copies of the letter they sent through their counsel.

As it is so far, the police under your leadership must be commended by following the path of the SSS to adhere strictly to due process of law and to resist the power of anybody in government no matter how influential to use agents of law against law and due process. The minister must be encouraged — since he indicated that he had documented evidences against me — to go to court directly and respect the fact that an issue that has already gone to court through Uzoka Chukwuemeka must be exhausted by the court and therefore needs no police intervention.

It is on record that I have never been a member of the NUJ and I am a publisher of a duly registered paper not a reporter or a correspondent. Article 3 No. Throughout the constitution of the NUJ attached herewith and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria there is NO section or provision that gave the leadership or the Union powers to investigate the conduct of a none member or to recommend to the security agencies disciplinary action.

No law authorizes them to investigate even their member on an issue before the court. As media executives and citizens of democratic nation our freedom of speech and expression is not only incontestable but uncompromising; therefore the minister has no power to stop the release of a book whose content is not even known to him.

I also want to bring to the notice of your good office the persistent threat to my life by agents of Senator Bala Muhammad and Ibrahim Bomoi, since the crisis begun. Specifically the callers insist I apologize to Sen.

Bala Muhammad and Ibrahim Bomoi otherwise my days and that of my company are numbered. One of the caller who identified himself as Ahmadu and said he is a junior brother to Ibrahim Bomoi promises to organize thugs against me anytime I go to my home town of Potiskum. In view of the desperation of the FCT Minister, Ibrahim Bomoi and the series of blackmail they have been sponsoring against me on the pages of newspapers and radio stations lately, I have strong reasons to believe that their threats is indeed real and one that needs the attention of your good office to investigate.

It is also on record in one of the publications the FCT Minister reportedly sponsored that he will continue to use his powers as a minister and closeness with the presidency to deal with me by all means instead of following the due process of law.

It is indeed an abuse of office and gross attempt to subject the exalted office of our president to public disrepute. May God bless the federal republic of Nigeria and your efforts at repositioning the Nigeria Police. Twila Phenes. Your email address will not be published. Connect with us. News FG terminates Cash transfer contracts in 4 States.

News Covid Governor Fintiri relaxes lockdown in Adamawa, says all borders remain closed. Related Topics:. Continue Reading. You may like. Twila Phenes February 28, at AM. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you.

We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what. Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities.

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